Sage 50 Accounts V30.0 has now been released now, with many new and improved features such as: –

  • Bank Feed Rules Enhancements – in 29.2 a new interface was added for Bank feeds, this has now been extended to fully integrate the creation. approval, and management of Bank feed rules. All the information needed to create a new bank rule is now on one screen. There is a new approve tab, where transactions can be clearly seen before approval or rejection, which can be done on an individually or multiple basis.  The updated Manage rules screen lets you view, edit or delete any rule.
  • 64-bit version – by default Sage 50 Accounts V30 has transitioned to a 64- bit version. This change enables Sage 50 to work seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other third-party applications developed by various people. It also means that it improves memory capabilities, improves performance and less chance of out-of-memory issues etc. A 32bit version will still be available on demand if required.
  • Report Finder – For Cloud users there is a new report finder within the report browser. The report finder allows a natural language search to be entered, which uses AI to understand and find the most suitable report.
  • New Tax Code property for fees – if you receive payments via Stripe a manual change to the VAT return was required to correctly show the reverse charge on the VAT return associated with the fees. In V30 a new check box has been added to the Edit Tax code screen labelled Invoice Payment fees. If this option is selected the reverse charge for the bank payment will be automatically reflected in boxes 1,4, 6 and on the VAT return.
  • Bank defaults for Bank Payments and Receipts – now in V30 the default tax code, department and nominal code can be chosen for Bank Payments and Receipts independently from the Suppliers and Customers defaults.
  • Miscellaneous updates Reports – the number of reports within Sage 50 V30 has been reduced by removing redundant reports and consolidating multiple reports into one eg instead of 7 detailed day books reports for suppliers there is one report where the desired transaction type can be selected within the criteria screen.


If you would any more information on the new Sage 50 Accounts v30.0 and how it can help your business or need help installing it or if you would like to purchase an upgrade or need any other help or anything else, please contact us


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