Change View

You can view the Employer costs on a monthly basis, to view the Employer costs click Change View (top right of screen) and select Dashboard.

The Employer Costs are shown for each Tax month as they are updated.  If you click on the + opposite a month you will then see a break down of the monthly costs such as PAYE, Total NI, Net Wages, SMP etc.

If you have entered the HMRC Payments these will also show for each Tax month in the form of a graph.

To go back to your Employee List or Dashboard etc, click Change View and select which option you want.

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Backup up your data

It’s easy to take a backup of your company data and it’s a good idea to do this on a regular basis for each company.  How often you do this depends on the amount of data you enter and how often you access you Sage.

Backing up does not take long but if you have a large amount of data this can take a little longer.

To create a backup

  1. Open the required company, click File, then click Back up.
  2. Note the suggested file name or edit the name as required, please note the file name must end in .001.
  3. Click Browse, choose a location to save the file to, click OK.
  4. If you want to back up other files such as reports and layouts, select them from the list or choose Select all file types to include in backup.

We recommend that you back up data every day, you can backup other files and we have included below a list of each file type and when you should back it up.

Transaction Attachments – when you have added new attachments.

Report Files – when you have customised a new report.

Layout Templates – when you have customised a new template file such as invoices or statements etc.

Record Attachments – when you have attached new documents to customer/ supplier records and/ or saved new bank reconciliation PDFs.

Image Files – when you have added any new images to Stock Records.

Company Archives – when you have added a new company archive.

Email Database – when you have added new email data files (this feature is rarely used and is not available by default unless enabled.

HMRC Submission – this includes details of submission information of VAT Returns, EC Sales List and CIS Monthly Return submission data.

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