Advance Holiday Year Wizard

When you reach the end of your holiday and/or absence year, it is easy to advance the year.  This updates the balance for the new year based on your settings.


You must take car to advance the holiday year correctly, and at the correct time.  When you advance a holiday or absence year you can only undo this by restoring a backup.

Before you change the holiday or absence year end we recommend you take a backup.

  1. On the toolbars, click Wizards then click Advance Holiday Year then click
  2. To advance the absence year, select the Advance check box.
  3. To advance the holiday year, select the Advance check box.
  4. Check the dates are correct.
  5. Click Finish the click OK.

If you need to return to before you advanced the year for any reason restore a backup to the required point.

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We can also provide a remote access service where we can directly link into your computer to help you resolve your Sage Accounts or Payroll problems.


Memorise Journals

Is there a journal or journals you need to enter every month such as a month end accounting journals or a salary journal.  If you have entries that you post regularly you can use the Memorise and Recall options to save you time and prevent mistakes.

Memorise the Journal

  1. Nominal Codes > Journal entry
  2. Enter the information as normal into your journal, but before you click Save, click ‘Memorise’.
  3. Filename* – enter a file name.
  4. Description – enter a description of the journal eg Monthly Wages
  5. Click Save.

Recall Journal

  1. Click Recall.
  2. Scroll down the list of saved journals till you find the one you want then click Load.
  3. You can the date, amend the Reference or department or details, change a nominal code or a debit or credit.
  4. You can add or delete lines by using F7 to insert a line and F8 to delete a line.

Memo: remember the journal must balance before you can save it.

Editing Memorised Journals

You can edit memorised journals if the information is changing on a permanent basis.

  1. Click Recall.
  2. Scroll down the list of saved journals till you find the one you want then to make the changes to and make a note of the exact file name, then click Load.
  3. Amend the journal as required, then click ‘Memorise’.
  4. Use the same file name as noted in point 2.
  5. Click yes to the message ‘Overwrite Contents’ and your changes will be saved.

Memo: If you have got ‘Copy skeleton journal values’ ticked in ‘Company Preferences’ > ‘Parameters’ you can save the Debits and Credits on you memorised journal.

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Sage 50 Payroll V29.3 update has now been released, and needs to be installed as soon as possible, this update includes the changes to the NI rates.

If you need help with downloading it and installing it or if you need any other help, please contact us

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