Correcting personal employee information

If you have submitted an FPS and then you find an employee’s personal details are incorrect in Sage 50cloud Payroll, there are various things you need to do.

  • If the employee’s personal details have changed, for example surname or address, they might have moved house, you must advice your employee to contact HMRC to report the change, it is their responsibility to do this. You can enter the correct employee details into their record for submission on your next FPS when they have reported the change to HMRC.
  • If the error relates to the date the employee started work for you, DO NOT change the start date on your next FPS as this results in duplication of the employee’s record on HMRC systems, which will cause massive problems. If you need to correct this error, contact HMRC.

NOTE: If you enter the new details in your software, but do not report the changes to HMRC, the new details don’t update on the employee’s record at HMRC.  This might result in a query from HMRC.

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Checking to see if sales invoices have been sent or updated

It is very quick and easy to check for customer invoices which haven’t been emailed out, printed or posted to the ledgers within 14 days.

To do this

  1. On the left navigation bar click Transactions then click at the top of the screen Accounts audit.
  2. Select the Identify invoices not updated and/or printed within 14 days check box then click OK.
  3. Enter the date range you want to check then click OK.

The Accounts audit window displays any invoices that haven’t been emailed out, printed or posted to the ledgers within 14 days.  You can then investigate and send or post any missing invoices are required.

TIP:  You can send the results to Microsoft Excel, click Send to Excel – where you can then further sort and investigate the list.

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