Sage 50cloud Payroll

Processing a Leaver

When an employee leaves your company, you need to provide them with a P45. To do this, after updating their final payment, but before submitting the full payment submission (FPS), you must mark them as a leaver.

Process your employee’s final pay

  1. Click Payroll, then click Change Process Date.
  2. Enter the required pay date, then click OK.
  3. Select the employees you want to pay, then click Enter Payments.
  4. Enter the payment details for any other employees in the pay run as normal.
  5. For the employee who has left, enter their final payment details.
  6. Click the Select this check box if your employee is leaving and this is their final paymentcheck box.
    • When you select this check box, any outstanding payments, such as statutory payments calculate automatically.
  7. If required, check and pay any outstanding amounts due, such as holiday pay then click Close.
  8. Print any of your normal pre-update reports, such as payslips and payment summaries, as usual.
  9. Update records for your employees for the pay period.

Once you’ve printed the reports you need, you must mark the employee as a leaver and print their P45 before you submit your FPS for the period.

Mark your employee as a leaver and print their P45

Caution: Before processing the employee as a leaver, you need to set your process date to the employees leave date.  This ensures that the correct tax code is shown on their P45.

  1. Click Payrollthen click Change Process Date.
  2. Change the Process Date to the employee’s leave date then click OK.
  3. Double-click the required employee.
  4. Click the Employmenttab, then click Leaver.
  5. Click Next, then enter the employee’s leaving date.
  6. On the ‘Select your stationery’ list, click P45 – Plain paper (for eSubmissions).
  7. This report prints onto plain paper. You don’t need P45 stationery.
  8. Click Preview, then check the details on the report.
  9. Click Print, then click OK.
  10. ClickClose then click Finish.
  11. Click Payrollthen click Change Process Date.
  12. Change the Process Date to your current process date,then click

You can now submit your FPS for the pay period. If you’ve already submitted the FPS for the period, you must submit an FPS adjustment.

If you would like help processing a leaver or need any other help or advice with your payroll please contact us


Sage 50cloud Accounts

Problems with missing reports and layouts

If you find that you are missing a report or layout that you previously had there are various steps that you can follow to restore the report or layout.

Standard reports and layouts

You can restore the reports and layouts backup files either from this folder:
C:\Program Data\Sage\Accounts\*your version*\DataRestores
Or you can go onto Sage’s website and download the reports and layouts backup for your version.

Customised reports and layouts

Missing customised reports and layouts can be caused by one of the following:
• The file has been deleted.
• You have moved machines or servers and have restored a data files only backup.
• You have upgraded versions and the report has not transferred over.

Restore your reports and/or layouts only backup

If you have taken a backup that includes reports and/or layouts, your customised reports and documents can be restored.
If your backup also includes data files, these will overwrite your current data, check to see if it also includes attachments and company archives. Make sure you take a current data only backup (you might need to include attachments and company archives) before restoring. You can restore this after you restore your reports and layouts.

1. On the menu bar, click File then click Restore.
2. Click Browse then browse to where you saved your backup that includes the reports and layouts, click Open.
3. Click OK then click Yes.
4. Click OK, enter your login name and password, then click OK.
5. Check to see if the customised report or layout is there that you need.

Note: Once you find your missing report or layout, if the back-up you restored includes data files, attachments or company archives, restore your data, attachments and Company archive backup. This will bring your data back up to date without affecting the re-discovered reports and layouts.

Tip: Once you have restored the missing customised report(s) and/or layout(s), take a reports and layout only backup and label it accordingly, for future reference.

Copy the files into your data directory

If you can locate the customised files, for example on another machine or in the previous versions reports directory, you can restore the document.
1. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts and log into the company you want to save the document to.
2. Double click the customised file, then enter the company login details to access Report Designer.
3. Click File, then click Save As
Report Designer automatically directs to the correct folder.
4. Click Save.

Check Use Data path for reports

If you have a multi-user licence, you can choose whether the company runs its reports from your local directory, or if it uses the data directory to locate the reports. If this has been changed, it can result in reports not being located by your software.
1. Click Settings, then click Company Preferences.
2. Click Reporting
3. Check if Use data path for reports is selected.

Check the layouts folder

Layouts including Invoices, Credit notes, Sales and Purchase Orders and Statements are all stored in the Layouts folder in your data directory.

To access the layouts folder from within your software:
1. Click Invoices and Credits, then click any record.
2. Click Print, then click Layouts.
3. Right-click any layout in the list, then select Show in Explorer.
The layouts folder will then open.
• You should check this folder for the layout you are expecting to see. If it isn’t in here, you must locate it and add it to this folder.
• If you can see the layout in one company and not another, you should copy the file from the first company’s layout folder, then paste into the folder of the second company.
Tip: Letter layouts are stored in the Letters folder. To access this, repeat the above steps using Customers, then selecting Letters.

If you would like help restoring or finding missing reports or layouts or need help customising any reports or layouts etc or need any other help, please contact us

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