Show alternative row colours on your employee list

To make things easier when you are working with a large list of employees in Sage 50 Payroll, you can add alternative colours to the employee list.

Set Alternative row colours

  1. Click View, then click Options.
  2. Click the Colours
  3. Ensure the Ignore colours check box is blank.
  4. Next to Alternative Employee Lines, click the second icon
  5. Select a basic colour.

TIP: Or, to add a custom colour, click Define Custom Colours, then Add to Custom Colours

  1. Click OK


If you need help setting up alternative row colours or need any other help or advice with your payroll please contact us

We can also provide a remote access service where we can directly link into your computer to help you resolve your Sage Accounts or Payroll problems.



Supplier Batch Invoice or Credit Note

A Supplier batch invoice or credit note is a simple way to record a purchase or a credit note from a supplier.

  1. Click Suppliers and then click Batch invoice or Batch Credit.
  2. Enter the details as follows:-

A/C*  – enter the supplier’s account reference.

Date* – enter the date of the supplier invoice/credit.

Due On*  – This is the date the invoice payment is due for payment and is based on the terms you have agreed with your supplier and is set up in the credit control area of their record.  If you have not set up terms this will be by default set at 30 days.

Ref/ Credit No – You can enter the supplier’s invoice number or credit note number or your own reference number.  This is the reference which will appear on your reports.

Ex. Ref – An additional reference option.  This does not appear on a lot of the reports.

N/C* – The default nominal code per the supplier’s record appears, if needed you can change this, just typing in a new code or press F4 and click the relevant code.

Department* – enter the correct department number if departments are being used.

Project Ref and Cost Code – To allocate this invoice or credit note to a project, enter the relevant project reference and cost code.

Details – Enter any additional details.  TIP as you type, the ActiveSearch Popup finds the closest match and displays them in a popup list for you to choose from.

Net – Enter the net amount of the invoice or credit note.

To calculate the net amount from the gross amount, enter the gross amount then press F9, Sage 50 Accounts calculates the net and VAT amount using the tax code in the T/C box.

T/C – The default tax code from the supplier record automatically appears, this can be changed if required.  If more than one tax code is required, simply enter multiple lines.

VAT – This is the amount of the VAT calculated, based on the tax code and the net amount, this can be amended if required so it matches what is on the supplier’s invoice.

Gross – This shows the gross amount of the invoice or credit note and is calculated automatically.

Disputed? – If the supplier invoice is disputed, you can choose a dispute reason in the Disputed? column.

Amount Paid – Invoices only – if you want you can enter the amount you want to pay, you can also enter part payments if required.

Pay Date  – Invoices only – enter the date you want to pay the invoice(s).

Bank A/C – Invoices only – Your default bank account appears.  If you need to change this either type in the code of the bank account you want or click the arrow and then double-click the required bank account.

Pay Ref –  Invoices only – Enter a reference for the payment or when using e-payments, to make the transaction appear as an e-payment, enter (BACS) as the Pay Ref.

  1. Click Save

You can either save after each entry or carry on to the next line and choose a different supplier.

If you would like help entering supplier batch invoices or credit notes or need any other help with your Sage Accounts please contact us

Please note that this update is not compatible with Excel Integrated Reporting (EIR) or Sage 50 HR Data Synchronisation.

An email will be released soon letting you know when it is available for download, if you need help with downloading it and installing it or if you need any other help please contact us

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