Updating your employees’ tax codes

From the 2022/23 tax year, the personal tax allowance remains at £12,570.  This means that the emergency tax code remains at 1257L and you don’t need to update employees’ tax codes

However, if you receive a P9 or P6 from HMRC, you will need to update an individual employees tax code.  You should clear any week 1/month 1 flags for the employees too.

Tip:  There are no separate increases for Scottish and Welsh tax codes.

Update an employee’s tax code

There are different steps depending on how HMRC contacted you, you will either get a letter through the post, or an IR Secure Mailbox notification.

Received a letter

  1. Select the required employee and click the Employment
  2. In the tax code box, enter the tax code HMRC have stated.
  3. Click Save.

IR Secure Mailbox Notification

  1. Click E-submission, then click IR Secure Mailbox.
  2. Select P9
  3. Click Apply.

The employee tax code will now be updated and you can clear the week 1/month 1 flag.

Clear the week 1/month 1 flag

  1. Select the required employees.
  2. Click Tasks then click Global Changes.
  3. Click Tax Codes then click Clear W1/M1 flag.
  4. Click Yes then click OK.

If you would like help updating your employees tax codes, clearing week 1/month 1 flag(s) or need any other help or advice with your payroll please contact us

 We can also provide a remote access service where we can directly link into your computer to help you resolve your Sage Accounts or Payroll problems.


Which files to include in a Sage 50cloud Accounts Backup

When you backup your Sage 50cloud Accounts data, you can choose what file types you want to include in the backup.  You can either select all types, or you can select specific types.  For example, you might want to backup data files on a daily basis but include other files once a month etc.

To backup

  1. Go to File > Backup.
  2. Select what files you want to include in the backup
  3. Filename – this consists of the company name, date and time, you can change it to whatever you want but it must end in .001.
  4. Location – click Browse to find the location you want to back your data up to.

 If you are not sure what the different files are and what they contain see below.

Data Files – Data files includes your company details, all record types and processing information.

Tip: This is the file you need to backup most regularly.  We recommend backing up your Data Files either daily or every time you use Sage.

Transaction Attachments – Documents attached to supplier invoices and credits.

Report Files – If you have customised any of the reports in Sage 50cloud Accounts, or Sage have created any bespoke reports for you, select this option.

Layout Templates – If you have customised any layouts in Report Designer such as invoices or statements etc, select this option.

Record Attachments – Documents attached to customer/ supplier records and bank reconciliation PDFs.

Image Files – any images that have been added to Stock Records.

Company Archives – This includes historic data files that have been created through the archiving process.

Tmail Database– This copies the transaction email data files.

Note: This feature is rarely used and is not available by default unless enabled.

HMRC Submission files – this includes details of submission information of VAT returns, EC Sales list, CIS monthly Return submission data.

If you would like help backing up your Sage 50cloud Accounts data or need any other help please contact us

To check if you have installed it, in your Sage Payroll, go to Help, then About and check your version is 28 or above.
If it’s not, you need to install Version 28 as soon as possible to ensure you are using the correct legislation for the new tax year.
Changes to the NMW rates – From 1st April 2022 the national minimum wage (NMW) rates are increasing. There are the minimum rates most employees are entitled to. You can use the minimum wage check option to check you are paying your employees the correct rates.

If you would any more information on the new Sage Payroll or help with the Payroll year end process or if you would like to purchase an upgrade or need any other help or anything else please contact us

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