Compress Data

After clearing the audit trail or deleted a large volume of records in your software, this does not reduce the size of the data files.  It is therefore recommended after clearing the audit trail and/or deleting records you compress the relevant area.  You may also need to compress your data as part of fix any error in the data.

Compress your Data

  1. Before you compress your data, take a backup of your data.
  2. On the menu bar, click File then click Maintenance then click Compress Data.
  3. Clear the Compress All Data Files check box.
  4. Clear the check boxes against the data files you do not want to compress. For example, to compress the supplier records only, clear all the check boxes except Purchase Ledger.
  5. Click Compress then click OK, then click Close then click Close.

The supplier records have now been compressed.

You can then remove old, unused records, invoices and orders and then compress your data, see earlier articles on how to do this.

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