Set up and maintain your users

You can easily set up access rights on your software so that different users can log in and help process your payroll.  You can also restrict access to certain areas of the software.

Before any users are set up, there are a few things you need to check:

  • You need to log into your payroll with a username that has access to the Access Rights option. The MANAGER username has access by default.
  • You can create multiple users by following these steps, however your software licence decides how many users can log in at any one time. In your software click Help, then About to check your user limit.

To set up a new user

Make sure you are logged in as manager.

  1. On the menu bar, click Tasks, the click Security.
  2. Click Access Rights.
  3. In the Users section, click Add.
  4. Enter a Logon name and password for the new user.
  5. Click

Now you want to give you user specific access rights.  In the table below we have listed the post popular ways to do this.  One you have finished. Click OK.

Restrict access to certain areas of the software – In Allow Access To These Areas: check the boxes for the areas you would like the user to have access to.  Alternatively, click Select All and just de-select the areas you do not want them to access.

Give the user full access rights – In Employee Record Access, select all check boxes, set the access Level to 9 and check the box to Include lower levels.  Then in Allow Access To These Areas, click Select All.

Access to only certain Pay frequency employees – In the Employee Access section, select the required pay element check boxes e.g. Four Weekly

Give the user access based on employee access levels – In Employee Access Level, choose the relevant level up to which the user can access.  The access level is located in the Analysis field of each employee’s record.  By default, each employee’s record has an access level of zero, except for directors who have a level of 9.

For example, if you set the username as level 6, that user can access and process any employees on that level.  If you also select the ‘Include lower levels’ checkbox, this user can access records from level 0 through 6, but not 7 to 9.

Suppress Non-Essential Messaging – select the checkboxes in this section as required to hide non essential messaging for this user.  Leave the checkboxes clear to keep this messaging active.

Login with a different Username

Once you have set up your user, you can easily switch from the current user to a different user.

Simply click File, then click Logout & login with a different username and enter the required username and password, then click OK.


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