Customer statements

Statements are a great way to let your customers know if they are missing an invoice etc and remind them of any outstanding balances.

It is very easy to create statements for your customers at any time using the Customer module.

Create Customer Statements

  1. Click Customers and select the customers you require.
  2. From the right-hand side of the toolbar, click Statements.
  3. Click Layouts, then select the statement layout you want to use. Please note – Select an “All items” layout to print statements for customers who don’t currently owe you anything.
  4. Choose the method you would like to use to generate the statement:
  • Preview – Displays the statement on screen.
  • Print – Prints a copy of the statement.
  • Save to file – You can save your reports and layouts as a file on your computer to access later.
  • Microsoft Excel – You can send data to compatible versions of Excel from many of the Sage Accounts windows, just look for the ‘Send to Excel’ buttons.
  • Emails – ‘Send documents by email’ through Microsoft Outlook or webmail.
  1. Enter the date range you want, and you can also tick to exclude later payments.
  2. Click OK.

Memo if you want to select multiple records.

  • Window selection style – (Default setting) Use the shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple records.
  • Sage selection style – click each individual record to select them.

To change the different selection method

  1. Click Tools then click Options and click Environment
  2. Click the required List selection style and then click OK.

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