Advance Holiday Year Wizard

When you reach the end of your holiday and/or absence year, it is easy to advance the year.  This updates the balance for the new year based on your settings.


You must take car to advance the holiday year correctly, and at the correct time.  When you advance a holiday or absence year you can only undo this by restoring a backup.

Before you change the holiday or absence year end we recommend you take a backup.

  1. On the toolbars, click Wizards then click Advance Holiday Year then click
  2. To advance the absence year, select the Advance check box.
  3. To advance the holiday year, select the Advance check box.
  4. Check the dates are correct.
  5. Click Finish the click OK.

If you need to return to before you advanced the year for any reason restore a backup to the required point.

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