Print and check the P32 Employer Payment Record

It is a good idea as we are now half way through the tax year to check what you have paid to HMRC agrees to your P32 for the last 6 months, so any over or under payments can be corrected in a timely fashion.

Printing the P32 Employer Payment Record.

  1. Click Reports the click Period End.
  2. Select Form P32-Employer Payment Record then click Print.
  3. Enter the required tax month range eg month 1 to 6, then click OK, OK.
  4. Ensure your printer detail are correct then OK then click Close.

You have now successfully printed the P32 for the first 6 months of the Tax year.  You should now check the information on the P32 report against the payments you have made to HMRC, check that there are no under or over payments, if there are these can be corrected with your next month’s payment.

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