Record a one-off Sale

Use a bank receipt to record your money received in Sage 50 accounts without creating a customer record.

EXAMPE: A one off sale, the banking of cash sales or bank interest received etc.

Use a bank receipt to record your money received in Sage 50 Accounts without creating a customer record.

  1. Click Bank accounts.
  2. Select the account you want to receive the money into.
  3. Click Bank receipt.
  4. a) Bank * – check you have selected the correct bank account. TAB
  5. b) Date * – enter the date of the transaction. TAB
  6. c) Ref – you can enter a reference if required eg Paying in slip number or cash sale number. TAB
  7. d) Ex. Ref – you can enter an additional reference if required here or leave blank. TAB
  8. e) N/C * – Enter the relevant Nominal Code. TAB
  9. f) Department * – enter the relevant department if you are using departments. TAB
  10. g) Project Ref – select the relevant Project if required. TAB
  11. h) Details – enter some details about the transactions. TAB
  12. i) Net – enter the net amount, if you do not know the net amount you can enter the gross amount and click Calculate net (F9). TAB
  13. j) T/C* – select the correct VAT code. TAB
  14. k) Tax – check that the VAT has been calculated correctly, if not amend as required. TAB
  15. You can either click Save or carry on with the next line.

Memo if a sale is for more than one item eg they are for different types of sales and/or have different rates of Tax, just split the transaction over two lines using the same date and reference but different nominal codes and/or different VAT Codes, just make sure that the Total at the top agrees to the total of the receipt when you have finished.

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