Recurring entries

Recurring entries are a great way to save time.  Simply create multiple payments, receipts, Customer or Supplier Payments on Accounts or journals that happen on a regular basis such as direct debits and standing orders.  They can be processed all together each month and you can even set up reminders.

Create a new recurring entry

  1. Click Bank accounts, click Recurring items then click Add.
  2. In the Transaction type drop-down, choose the type of transaction you want, you can create the following transaction types
  • Bank, Cash, Credit Card Payment – BP, CP, VP.
  • Bank, Cash, Credit Card Receipt – BR, CR, VR.
  • Bank, Cash, Credit Card Transfer – JD, JC.
  • Customer Payment on Account – SA.
  • Journal Debit – JD – This must be posted with a balancing JC.
  • Journal Credit – JC – This must be posted with a balancing JD.
  • Supplier Payment on Account – PA.
  1. Enter the transaction details as required into each section. For help with each section you can click F1.
  2. To save the entry. Click OK.

Tip: there is a new Calculate net box at the bottom of the screen now which shows when you are setting up payments or receipts, so if you only have the Gross amount you can enter the amount, in the Net box, click Calculate net and the net will be calculated.

Tip: to set a reminder that Recurring items are due, click Settings, then Company Preferences then Parameters.  Ensure the No Recurring entries at startup check box is clear.  Now when you log into the program if any recurring entries are due a reminder will appear.

Process recurring entries

  1. Click Bank accounts click Recurring items then click Process.
  2. If required you, you can change the Show Due Entries Up To date and amend any transaction dates values and tax codes as required.
  3. Click Post.

Once posted any transaction can be amended, deleted as normal.

Suspending/editing recurring entries

You can amend any item of information except the transaction type, start date, and posting frequency once a recurring entry has started to be processed.

To edit/ suspend a recurring entry

  1. Click Bank accounts then click Recurring items.
  2. Click the recurring entry you want to edit/suspend, then click Edit.
  3. You can edit any piece of information you need to, to suspend a recurring item, select the Suspend Posting? check box.
  4. Click OK then click Close.

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