You can set up an event or reminder to occur once, on a specific date and time or repeatedly, every day, week, month, year, reminders can also be tailored to specific users or all users.

If you have set up a reminder, it will appear at the specific date and time, or the first time you open the software after the specified date and time.  If you have more than one reminder due at the same time, they appear in the same window.

Create a new event or task reminder

  1. From the navigation bar click Calendar, then click New Reminder.
  2. Complete the New Reminder window.
  3. Reminder Description* – up to a maximum of 70 characters.
  4. Date to Use – To use the computer date as the date of the event or task, select PC Date. To use the process date as the date of the event or task, select Process Date.
  5. Due Date* – Enter the date of the event, or when the task is due to be completed.
  6. Recurrence – If required, choose the frequency that you want the event or task to recur. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Recurring events and reminders do not appear automatically in the diary for each recurring date. They only appear when the computer date is the same as the recurring event.  In addition, reminders for subsequent recurrences will not appear until the previous instances of the event have been marked as complete.

  1. Reminder Pop-up Date – To be reminded about the event or task, enter the date and time when you want this to appear. If required, from the Recurrence drop-down list, choose a time.
  2. Completed Date – If applicable, to mark the event or task as complete, enter a date in this date.

When the reminder appears, if you click Completed, a date is automatically entered here.

  1. Select which users the reminder should be displayed to – Select the Sage 50 Payroll users you want to receive the reminder. To make the reminder available to all of your Sage 50 Payroll users click Select All.  To remove all previous selected users click Clear All.
  2. Notes – If required, enter any additional information related to the event or task.
  3. To save the event or task reminder, click OK.

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