On 22nd September the new Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng announced the following changes.

  • The Health and Social Care Levy, has been cancelled.
  • From 6th November, National Insurance rates reduce by 1.25%

Sage have released a software update to account of these changes, if your Version number is not 28.05 or 28.06 you will need to download and install this update (see below for help to install the update).

Install Sage National Insurance Update

The National Insurance (NI) legislation software update you need to install will depend on the version you are using at the moment.  You will only need to install one update, based on the version you are updating from.

Check your current version

  1. Click Help, then About.
  2. Under the Program Details heading, make a note of your Version Number, together with the Program directory.
  3. Close Sage 50 Payroll.
  4. Save your work in any other programs on your computer, and Close those programs.

Note: You may be prompted to restart your computer while you install the update.

  1. Depending on what version you are running will determine which update you need to download

28.02 or below, the best version is v28.05

Copy and paste the address  into your internet search engine and download the update

TIP: If you are prompted to Run or Save the installation file, click Save.

  1. To begin the installation, locate and right-click exe. the click Run as administrator.

TIP: You may be prompted to enter your admin password, if you are not sure of this you will need to speak to your IT Support.

  1. After reading the information, click Accept Licence then click Next.
  2. Check the path is the same as the program directory you noted earlier, then click

If the path is not the same, click No then Yes then browse to the program directory you noted, double click Payroll.exe.

Note: Your computer may restart now due to C++ updates.  Once this completes, return to step 6 to update your payroll software.

  1. When the installation completes click OK, then click Close.
  2. If you have Sage 50 Payroll installed on more than one computer, repeat these steps on each one.

28.03 or 28.04, the best version is v28.06

Copy and paste the address  into your internet search engine and download the update

Follow step 6 above except locate and right-click Sage50Payroll_2606019.exe.

If you would like help installing the new Sage 50 Payroll update or need any other help or advice with your payroll please contact us

We can also provide a remote access service where we can directly link into your computer to help you resolve your Sage Accounts or Payroll problems.

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