Schedule check data and backups automatically

It’s easy to schedule check data and and backups even when you are not there to run automatically, giving you total piece of mind that your data is safe all the time.

Backup Manager makes managing your check data and backup simple.

You can schedule these to run automatically even if you do not have your software open, you can still work while your checks and backups are running.

To set up automatic check data and backups:-

  1. Log into a Sage Accounts using the Manager login and password.
  2. Click File, click Schedule back up then click the Settings tab.
  3. Enter your backup schedule settings as required.

Check data and backup schedule – choose whether you want to run check data, or backups, or both, and how often you want to run them.  The time is based on the server clock, not the clock on the local computer.

Company name – Select the companies you want the check data and backup schedule to apply to.  The same schedule applies to all selected companies.  If you have integrated your Sage 50cloud Accounts with Microsoft 365, to upload a backup of your data automatically to Microsoft OneDrive, select the OneDrive check box for the required companies.

Sage 50C OneDrive email notifications – Sage 50cloud Accounts only – If you set your backups to upload to Microsoft 365, you can choose to receive an email notification each time a backup is made.  This email includes the status of the backup and whether there are any errors in your data.  This is a good idea because it lets you know if there are problems with the data that is being backed up.

File types to include in the backup – select the types of file you want to include in your backups.  Accounts data is always included.

Server disk space limit – Backups are created automatically as long as there is sufficient space on your server hard drive.  By default, the backup manager will create backups as long as there is at least 20GB of space.  You can change this if required.

4. To save the backup schedule, click Save.

Memo – if you do not have Microsoft 365 integrated we would suggest that you manually check your data on regular basis to ensure that data you are backing up is good.  To check your data files, go to > File  > Maintenance > Check Data

Note: The scheduled backups are created on the computer where the data is held, so this computer should be left on for the schedule backups to work.

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