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Error when emailing a document from Sage 50cloud Payroll

When emailing a document, you may see the following message:

‘Unable to send all emails Error with the address <email address> :Unable to connect to remote server’.

This can be due to a recent change by Microsoft to one of their smtp servers and affects email providers that use the server.  Don’t worry it is easy to fix by updating the server name in your email settings.

To update your SMTP Details in Report Designer

  1. Select any report or layout, then click Edit.
  2. In Report Designer click Tools, click Options and then click Email Setup.
  3. In the Default Provider drop-down menu, click Internet Mail (SMTP).
  4. Select the Where MAPI is specified in the report, use the default provider instead check box.
  5. Under Available Providers, click Internet Mail (SMTP), then click Configure.
  6. Select Custom from the list.
  7. Click Next and enter the required fields from the table below:

Display Name – Enter the name to appear when the email is sent, for example, your name.

Email Address – Enter the email address that the email is to be sent from.

Password – Enter your email account password.

Username login (optional) If your email account has a separate username, click this check-box then enter the username.

SMTP Server – changer to

Port – change to 587

Use Secure  Socket Layer (SSL ) connection – Click this check box to select it.

  1. Click Next, then click Send a test message.
  2. Enter an email address to send a test message, then click OK.

If the test email is successful, your SMTP Settings are now correct.  If the test fails, you need to check your settings and repeat the above steps.

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