Sage 50cloud Payroll

Sending submissions to HMRC

Every time you process your payroll, your need to submit information to HMRC.  To ensure HMRC are receiving your submissions, you can run a submissions health check.

Check your submission details in Sage Payroll are correct

The first thing you need to check is that all of the HMRC details used to submit your payroll information are correct.

  1. Click Company then click Settings.
  2. Click the Details tab then ensure the Tax Dist./Ref. is correct.

This is also known as your PAYE reference number.

  1. Click the HMRC Payments tab then ensure the Accounts Office Reference is correct.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click e-Submissions then click e-Submission Settings.
  4. Click the Settings tab then ensure the Company Name and Tax Dist./Ref. are correct.
  5. The User ID and Password are your login credentials for the HMRC Government Gateway. If you are unsure of your details please contact HMRC.
  6. Click the Contact Details tab then ensure the contact details for the person registered with the Government Gateway.
  7. Click Save then click Close.

Check the values you are submitting are on time and correct

The most important and common submission you make for RTI is the FPS.  You must submit this every time you pay your employees and it’s important that you submit it on or before the date the employees actually receive their pay.  If you submit after this date, you must enter a reason as to why it’s late and you may receive a penalty from HMRC.

As well as sending your information on time, it’s important that what you actual sending is correct.  This means you will not need to reprocess and resubmit information at a later date.

Ensure you get a submission successful message

Every time you make a submission to HMRC through Sage Payroll, it checks for a response from the Government Gateway to say whether or not the submission was successful.

If the Government Gateway is busy, it may take some time to receive a response.  Using the Check again later option, you can continue working and leave the submission running in the background.  You can then collect your response at a later date.

If the submission is successful, you get a message notifying you of this and you have the option to view and print the submission log.

It is strongly recommended that you view the submission log and make a note of the correlation ID.  This is the confirmation that your submission was make successfully and you can use it to help refer to a specific submission when speaking to HMRC.

If the submission was unsuccessful, you can click to see why the submission failed.

To check past submissions, click e-Submissions, then e-Submissions Log and you can then view any past submissions.

Check for the email confirmation from HMRC

When you make a submission to the Government Gateway, a confirmation email is automatically generated and sent to you.  The email is sent to the email address you registered on your Government Gateway account.  To locate this in Sage 50cloud Payroll

  1. Click e-submission then click e-Submissions Settings.
  2. Click Contact Details then click E-Mail.

We recommend that you save this email for future reference.  If you don’t receive this email, check your junk or span folders.  If you still haven’t received an email but you have a correlation ID, you should contact HMRC on 0300 200 32000.

Check the values on your Government Gateway account are what you expect

We recommend that you regularly log in to your Government Gateway account and check your values.  HMRC have an online PAYE Liabilities and Payments Viewer that you can use to check your own account to see what is due and what payments you have submitted.

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