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Nominal link

If you have Sage 50cloud Accounts and Payroll, you can save time when you process your wages, by automatically posting your salary journals to the accounts.

The Nominal Link connects your Sage 50coud Payroll to your accounts data, this means that when you process your wages, it automatically posts your salary journals to your selected nominal ledgers as soon as you complete your payroll run, saving time and helping to reduce errors.

To use the Nominal Link you must first find out where your Sage Accounts company file is located, then set up the Nominal Link in Payroll.

Locate your Sage Accounts company file

The company file holds the location of you Sage Accounts data and you need to enter it into your nominal settings in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

It is usually located in C:\Program Data\Sage\Accounts. If you cannot find the company file you can go to Help > About in Sage Accounts

Note: If you can’t see the Program Data file you may need to amend your file explore settings to show hidden items


Set up Nominal Link

1. Go into your Sage Payroll
2. Click the Company navigation bar then click Nominal Settings.

Defaults Tab
1. On the Accounts Software or File list, select Sage 50 Accounts.
2. Click Browse, then locate the Sage 50 Accounts Company File.
3. Click the Company file, it’s usually at the bottom of the list, click Open.
If you have more than one company, on the Company list, click the one you want to post to.
4. To use the default nominal codes, click Use Default Nominal Codes, then click OK.
P&L Analysis Tab
1. Click the P&L Analysis tab.
2. Enter any additional nominal codes for the remaining categories.
3. If required, enter the code in the Acc C/C (cost centre code) column.
4. If required, enter the code in the Acc Dept (department code) column.
5. To automatically record the bank payment for your net wages when you post the nominal link, on the Bank Payment N/C list, click the bank account you want to record the payment against.
You have now set up the nominal link and are ready to post the nominal link.

Post the Nominal Link
1. Ensure you have processed the payroll as normal for the pay period you want to post.
2. If you are posting directly to your accounts software we recommend that you take a backup.
3. From the Employee list, select the required employees.
Note: You can only post the nominal link for one payment frequency at a time e.g. you cannot post a mixture of weekly and monthly paid employees at the same time.
4. Click Payroll, click Nominal Link then click Next.
5. Check, and where necessary, change the information as follows:
Posting Destination – this box shows the accounts software you selected in Company > Nominal Settings.
Transaction Reference – Enter your own reference up to eight characters, for example Week 4.
Transaction Date – Enter the date you want to post the transactions with. To change the date use the calendar button.
Group Transactions – To post the transactions totalling all employees, select this check box. To post separate transactions for each employee and have the information shown by employee on the Nominal Link Transaction Report, clear this check box.
6. Click Next, click Print, then click OK.
7. To send the details of the transactions to Microsoft Excel, click Send to Excel.
8. Click File, then click Exit.
9. If you have set up the nominal code for bank payments, click Next. Alternatively, proceed to step 11.
10. Check, and where necessary, change the following information:
Transaction Reference – Enter a reference for the bank posting. This reference become the transaction reference in your accounts software.
Transaction Date – Enter the date you want to post the bank payment transaction. To change the date use the calendar button.
11. Click Next, click Print, click OK, then click Finish.
12. You will need enter your Sage 50cloud Accounts user name and password. Click OK, then click OK.
Note: If you have a multi-company version of Sage Accounts, choose the required company, enter your user name and password, click OK, then click OK.

If you would like help setting up your nominal link or processing the nominal link etc. or need any other help or advice with your payroll please contact us

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