Running Reports for previous financial year

If you want to run management reports such as a balance sheet, profit and loss or trial balance report for a previous year, the best option is to run the report from within the previous year’s archive data.
If you didn’t archive your data and you have not cleared the audit trail you can for the relevant period run transactional reports.
Please note Sage 50cloud Accounts Essentials does not include these reports and you will need to use your archive data.

Running Reports from Archive Data

To run a report from your Archive Data
1. Go to File > Open > Company Archive
2. Select the year you require and click OK
3. Enter your login name and password as normal and click OK.
4. You can now run any report as normal.

Running Transactional Management reports

You will first need to locate you ledger year end journals.
1. On the Navigation pane, click Transactions.
2. In the search window, type Ledger Year End, then press enter.
3. Check the date field to confirm the financial year end journals for the required year.
4. Make a note of the transaction numbers of the first and last ledger year end journals.
Running the report
1. Click Nominals then click Reports.
2. Click the relevant management report. For example Profit and Loss.
3. Click the Transaction Profit and Loss report, then click Preview.
4. In the Criteria window, set the criteria
5. Click OK.

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