Creating a new employee record in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

When someone new starts at your business you will need to set up a new employee record.  The details of the new employee are then included in the full payment submission (FPS).

There are two ways of creating a new employee:

  • The Employee Wizard – enter personal details, tax code, NI number and information from the employee’s P45, all in one place.
  • The Quick Employee option – enter the employee’s basic information.

To enter your employee’s details you will need a copy of their P45.  If they don’t have a P45, you need to ask them to complete a starter checklist (this can be downloaded from HMRC).

If you have staged for automatic enrolment and are using the Pension Module, remember to leave the pension scheme details blank.  This is so the employee can be assessed when you process you pay run.  They will be automatically enrolled it they meet the criteria.

Add an employee via the Employee Wizard

  1. Click Employee, then click Employee Wizard.
  2. Click Next enter the employee’s name and address.
  3. Click Next enter the employee’s personal details.
  4. Click Next enter the employee’s employment details.

These are matched to HMRC records when you submit your FPS

  1. On the Have you conducted a Right to Work check ? list, click the relevant option.
  2. Leave the RTI Payroll ID blank, as it’s created automatically when you save the record.
  3. Click one of the following:
  • P45
  • P46 – If your employee doesn’t provide a P45, you must ask them to complete a starter checklist.
  1. If relevant, select Is your employee in the Government’s Welfare to Work programme?
  2. On the Start Declaration list, click the employee statement.
  3. Enter the remaining information from the employee’s starter form, then click Next.
  4. Ensure the employee’s tax code is correct.
  5. Enter the employee’s national insurance (NI) number and category, then click Next.
  6. Continue through the rest of the wizard, completing the relevant information.
  7. Click Finish.

Add an employee via the Quick Employee option

  1. Click Employee, then click Quick Employee.
  2. Enter the employee’s details, ensuring you complete all details marked with an asterisk *.
  3. Click Save and Clear.

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