Preventing postings before a specified date in Sage 50cloud Accounts

Sometimes you might want to stop transactions being posted before a certain date, for example to close down a previous year or month.  You can do this using the Lock Date feature.

How it works

Once you have set the lock date, if anyone tries to post a transaction dated before the lock date, a warning message appears.

  • If you are logged in as manager you can override the warning and post to the locked period.
  • Users with lock data access can also override the lock date and post to the locked period.
  • Users with no lock date access cannot post to the lock period. They can still create invoices, sales and purchase orders with a date before the lock date, but they cannot update or post the items.

To set a lock date

  1. On the menu bar click Settings then click Lock Date.
  2. Select the Lock posting before check box, enter the required date then click OK.

Configure a user’s lock date access rights

  1. Open sage accounts and log in as Manager
  2. On the menu bar click Settings then click Access Rights.
  3. Select the required user from the list then click Edit.
  4. Expand the Settings
  5. Allow access to override the lock date, select the Lock date settings check box. Alternatively, to remove access, clear the check box.
  6. Click OK then click Close.

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