Online Payslips/P60s

 Sage Online Payslips/P60s keep your payslip and P60s processes simple and straightforward, and is a great alternative way to produce your payslips and P60s. 

The Sage, secure online portal allows your employees to access their payslips and P60s online, 24/7 from any device.  No need to print payslips, no employees asking for copies of past payslips etc.

Online Payslips/P60s settings

There are several steps you will need to complete to set up the Online Payslips/P60s service

To access this, log into Sage 50cloud Payroll, then click Company, then click Online Payslips/P60s Settings.  The wizard appears, taking you through the following five steps.

  1. Register to use Online Payslips/P60s
  2. Click the Do it now.

The Online Payslips/P60s service opens in your web browser.

  1. Enter your Sage ID Email address and password.
  2. Click Sign in.

Once you sign in, your company is registered for the service.

  1. Close your web browser and return to Online Payslips/P60s Settings in Sage 50 cloud Payroll

If the step one doesn’t show as complete, this could be because you haven’t selected an accounts office in Company Settings.

Memo – If you need to reset your password, click Forgot your password and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Manager Payroll user access rights

This is an optional step.  If you have other users set up in Sage 50could Payroll you can control whether or not they have access to the Online Payslips/P60s options.

  1. Manage your employees

Memo – Before you complete this step make sure you have the correct up-to-date information for your employees including email addresses etc.

  1. Click Do it now.

A list of all your employees appear, including their email addresses.

  1. Select the check box for each employee.

If an employee doesn’t have an email address, you can enter one.  However, the email address you enter here is only used in the Online Payslips/P60s service and isn’t saved to the employee’s record in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

  1. Click Save.

Once you set up your employees for the Online Payslips/P60s service, they receive a welcome email and they must activate their account using the link in the email.

They can then log in to the Online Payslips/P60s portal any time to view their payslips and P60s.

  1. Upload historical payslips

This is an optional step.  You may need to upload historical payslips if any employee requests a copy of their payslip from an earlier processing period.  Or, you may have forgot to upload payslips for your current period.  You can upload historical payslips dating back to November 2014.

  1. Click Do it now.
  2. Select the date range you want to upload payslips from.
  3. Click Next and select the relevant employees.
  4. Click Next and confirm the number of payslips for each employee/
  5. Click Upload Payslips, then either
  • Click Login and Publish payslips, to publish your payslips straight away.
  • Or to publish them later, click Close.
  1. Visit your Online Payslip/P60s portal

Once you’re at this step, you are ready to set up your portal with your company details and logo.

You can open and log into your online portal now by clicking Do it now.


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