Creating new business letters

It is now even easier to create your own letters to send to customers and suppliers direct from Sage 50 Accounts. You can download and restore a letters only backup, then you can use the new templates to enter your own content.

The letters only backup

  1. Before restoring the letters only backup it is recommended that you take a backup of your data.
  2. Go to Help > Help centre.
  3. Type in 41232 – there will then be a link to Download the letters only backup. Depending on your web browser, it may automatically download to your Downloads folder.
  4. On the menu bar, click File > Restore.
  5. Click Browse then browse to the location of the letters only backup.
  6. Locate and click ‘Letter_only.001’ then click ‘Open’.
  7. Click OK >Yes
  8. Click OK, enter your logon name and password.
  9. Click OK.

Create a new letter

  1. Click ‘Customers’ or ‘Suppliers’
  2. Click ‘Letters’ then click ‘Letters’.
  3. Click ‘Customer Letter Template’ or ‘Supplier Letter Template’.
  4. Click ‘Edit’ and then select ‘Please enter your text here’ text box.
  5. Press Enter and then type the required text.
  6. When complete, click a blank area outside the text box.
  7. On the menu Click ‘Report’ and the click ‘Report Properties’
  8. In ‘Report name’, enter a new name.
  9. In ‘Report Description’, enter your description.
  10. Click ‘OK’ then click ‘File’ then ‘Save As’.
  11. Enter a file name then click Save.
  12. Click File > Exit.

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